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Clean Water Works of the Future Program

The Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board (MAWIB) is working on a program to deliver employment and training programs in the wastewater industry to high school students.    This program is designed to help rebrand wastewater operators as “clean water plant operators” to appeal to eco-friendly youth.   Students participating in the program will receive training in the field of wastewater with the goal of passing the General Wastewater Exam.  This certification will give students a hiring advantage by demonstrating the youth’s aptitude, interest, and motivation in the field.  If you would like to learn more, contact Julie Cayo at or call her at 414-270-1734.

WWOA believes the General Wastewater Certificate is important to the wastewater industry and youth obtaining the certification would be considered favorably by wastewater employers due to their interest and aptitude. There will be a high employment demand in this industry due to an aging workforce and numerous retirements expected in the next decade. 

We appreciate MAWIB's efforts to build a wastewater operator training pipeline and look forward to the Clean Water Workers of the Future program.

Download more information:

MAWIB Clean Water Workers of the Future Concept

Employer DRAFT Letter of Commitment